Friday, April 19, 2013

Popped Cherry: First Time for Everything

First time for everything.
First time I have taken out my iPhone for a prolonged period on a bus.
First time I have written a blog post on public transportation.
First time I have seen panamanians put their foot down in solidarity.
First time I have felt so directly affected a governments decision.
And not even in my OWN country!
First time I have felt what its like to wait in long lines for a bus.
First time I have waited over an hour for a bus.
First time I have seen a bus driver mess up the route.
Well, there was the first time and then many after.
First time I have pushed people and cut lines because I just want to get on a bus.
First time I have just said eff it, I'll stand the whole way there---bus, please, just dont leave!
First time I feel like taking a stand against a government, and it aint even mine!
First time I have EVER felt SO disenfranchised by a government.
First time I really know how it feels to work all day, and lose hours and hours in commute.
First time I have questioned if working a long distance was worth it for fear of losing my sanity during the commute.
First time I have wanted to scream a big fat ---- You to a government.
Thank you Panamanian government for poppin' my cherry.

First time for everything.

Context: Panama's government decided to ban the reliable Diablo Rojo buses in city routes and go to a freakin' half-assed Metrobus implementation. I hate it. It's ruining my life. Draining what little sanity I have left in this hot sun. And taking hours away from my me time. Before they took away the Diablo Rojo I never waited more than 5 minutes for a bus in Panama. Diablos used to roll through. Yeah, Panama, you got your fake Dubai look now with your metrobuses, but you still have tons of people waiting in long lines in the middle of your Dubai wanna be city. Are you ashamed of the Diablo buses? Well, we who used to ride the Diablos buses are now standing on the streets. Sweating and looking a mess. Tired and nearly fainting. Pissed and wanting to get home. Too embarrassed to have the Diablos runnin' past your non-water havin' high rises, non-tank havin fire trucks? Well now, all of the working class people you wanted to hide on a metrobus, we are all on the streets. Waiting and waiting for a damn metrobus to show up to get to our side of town. Where we belong. If you really wanted to
Make your town pretty, you shoulda kept us on the diablo.

But that would have been the first time you ever made any sense. No cherry popped there.


  1. funky fresh!!! I love this one but wait I love all of them. Bring back the poda podas!!!

  2. Ur so sweet and with always a strong option, keep ur cool and ur first time things t do . But pls keep them limited and keep being my ROCKGIRL. I CAN'T WAIT T SEE U. WOV ROCKMOM.